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Bicycling Magazine: When Worlds Collide

Bicycling is covering the Bryant / Sheppart Incident in great detail:

Darcy Allan Sheppard and Michael Bryant came from different worlds, but when they met in the heart of the posh shopping district on Toronto’s Bloor Street, their worlds violently collided. In the wake of that collision, one life ended, and another lay in ruins. On the night of August 31, Sheppard—the Toronto bike messenger—and Bryant—the Toronto politician—both on their way home, became involved in a minor traffic dispute that quickly escalated into a violent incident of road rage, and within moments, Sheppard lay mortally injured on Bloor Street. Within hours, Bryant faced charges of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death.

When serious charges have been laid, all but the most indigent will hire a criminal defense attorney to represent them. Michael Bryant was no exception; it was soon announced that he had retained Marie Henein , one of Toronto’s best criminal defense lawyers, with a well-deserved reputation as “a formidable opponent” who is “razor sharp” and “a lawyer’s lawyer.” Henein wasn’t Bryant’s only hire, however—the morning following Sheppard’s death, it was revealed that Bryant was being represented by the Toronto PR firm Navigator Ltd., which, among its other services, specializes in “CEO Reputation Building ” and “crisis communications .” After being released on his own recognizance that morning, Sheppard went before the cameras to offer his “deepest condolences” to Sheppard’s family, in a page straight out of the textbook of crisis management .

I’m sad to see Bicycling making assumptions about a media-bias, such as:

September 4, in another editorial , the Toronto Sun also proffered the suggestion that Bryant was the victim, rather than the aggressor, posing the question “Finally, ask yourself what you would have done if you were in a car with your spouse, with the top down, and someone was attacking you?”

Well I know *I* would not be happy if someone was attacking me in the same manner.

Whether Sheppard attacked Bryant in this manner has yet to be revealed, or if Bryant “murdered” Sheppard.

Full article here.

Thanks to Dandyhorse (via twitter) for the heads-up.

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