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Weekly News Wrap-Up: The Bryant / Sheppard Altercation

Wow. Busy week in news.

As more details come out about the Bryant / Sheppard Altercation, it’s sounding more and more like a horrible road rage incident and less like a cycling issue. That isn’t stopping from some cycling advocates to (perhaps wrongly) use the tragedy to push cycling issues.

Here’s a ton of links from the past week:

Bryant / Sheppard Altercation:

Ex-Ontario Attorny-General Michael Bryant arrested after death of cyclist

Memorial For Darcy Allen Sheppard

Bryant / Sheppard Incident has Nothing to do with Bikelanes

Cycling Relations Posts:

Collisions between cars and bicycles down, cops say

Searching for a Detente between Bikes and Cars

Toronto Star Editorial: We need to share the city’s roads

Other Collisions:

Three cyclists hurt in crashes

More cyclist blood shed on Bloor St.

Other Posts:

Torontoist: The Cyclist Who Drew Toronto

Richmond & Adelaide: Two-Way or Bikeway?

Curbside is having a “Back to School” Sale

ZoomerMag: Cycling in Toronto

Bicycle blitz slated for 54 Division (O’Connor and Danforth)

TCAT Looking for a Active Transportation Researcher

How Cyclists and Bikelanes benefit Businesses

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