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July 3: New on the Stolen Bike Listing

Blue “Set Me Free” Hybrid (Bay & Wellesley)

from craigslist:

My bike was stolen from the bike racks in front of the Ministry building at the corner of Bay and Wellesley this Monday, June 22 between 1:30 and 4:30pm. My toddler got up this morning asking for his usual bike ride to “school”. I am mad – as I am sure most people feel as victims of bike theft – but the audacity to take a bike with a toddler seat on the back! This was our transportation to daycare and work!

The bike is a “Set Me Free”, deep blue, men’s hybrid (19), not even one month old. There is a limo co-pilot seat on the back and a silver wire basket on the front.

I will pay to get it back. I just want the same bike, with toddler seat (nice to have the helmet and shoes back too!) returned. Please consider reselling this to me – or alerting me if you see it. I will agree to whatever discretion necessary to pay for its return.

Email: sale-ky2xj-1237293496@craigslist.org

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