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Popular May 2009 Posts

Here are the 10 blog posts that saw the most action in May.

1. Two New Electric Bike Stores in Town

Whether or not you’ve seen them, or like them, or think they have a right to use bikelanes, you’re about to see a lot more of them. Electric Bike manufacturer and retailer Daymak has just opened up two new stores in Toronto (at Richmond & Jarvis and Bloor & Dundas).

2. Reminder: Toronto Critical Mass is Tonight

Join hundreds of cyclists for a group ride around downtown Toronto.
Bloor & Spadina – meet at 6 pm, ride at 6:30
(click for more info)

3. Metrolinx Ignoring City, Wants a Strachan Ave Super-Bridge

From Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone‘s office, via the Bike Union, comes news that Metrolinx is planning a big “Super-Bridge” for Strachan Avenue where it passes over the CN rail corridor.

4. Rachel McAdams: Another Celebrity Who Loves Biking Toronto

What did you do during your sabbatical?
I bought a house in Toronto. I spent time there with my family members and friends. I traveled to Europe. I started doing yoga. Actually, I really got into yoga — Kundalini — and love it. I also started a website with friends [greenissexy.org]…

How do you live green?
I don’t own a car. In Toronto, my bike is my car.

5. Elsewhere: Bike Polo Hits New York City

Passing by the corner of Chrystie and Broome Sts., one could easily miss the hottest new sporting event in town. That’s because the arena is tucked below ground level in a funky, 7,000-square-foot asphalt pit. Here a bunch of daredevils in jeans and scruffy shirts play a lively game of polo on bicycles, as they circle and glide back and forth at a mesmerizing pace.

6. 8 Secrets To Cycling In Traffic (Complete Series)

As promised, here’s all 8 Secrets in one post (I have them linked individually down at the bottom, if that’s what floats your boat…). This is the easiest way to print out all of them into a poster you can hang in your bedroom, cubicle and on your grocery store bulletin board.

7. Headlines: Cyclist Hit on Coxwell

The man was riding in the curb lane on Coxwell a few blocks south of the Danforth around 11 p.m. when he made a left turn into the path of a van that was coming up behind him.

8. Metrolinx Changes Plans for Strachan Avenue

Wow. After just a few weeks, Metrolinx has bowed to public pressure and changed its plans for Strachan Avenue. It had originally planned a “Super-Bridge” on Strachan to span the rail corridor, but is now opting to lower the rail corridor and build a smaller bridge that respects the local community… and they’re going to include bikelanes.

9. Stuff: Extreme Folding Bike

Folding Bikes are cool – take them on transit, stick them in small trunks or backseats… but what if you need them to fit somewhere smaller?

10. Toronto’s First BikeStation Getting Ready to Open

The City of Toronto has been working a while on preparing the city’s first BikeStation at Union Station – a secure bike parking facility aimed at the hundreds of thousands of people who come in to downtown Toronto via train to work each day.

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