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June 20: New Content on BikingToronto

toddtyrtle on “Public Meeting: Wednesday, June 17, 2009″ [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 03:24 PM PDT

Oh! One more item I forgot. Regarding Transit City construction. Current policy around Transit City construction is very bike-friendly. Basically if an LRT route is going on a route already on the bik… Read more…

toddtyrtle on “Public Meeting: Wednesday, June 17, 2009″ [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 03:05 PM PDT

You’ll have to forgive me for taking terrible notes. Next time I go I’ll bring the digital recorder and can provide an mp3 of the audio if you like. Fortunately it appears that 29bikes.ca is going to … Read more…

toddtyrtle on “About the Directory” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 02:43 PM PDT

That’s great news. I’ll be biking there tomorrow night coincidentally :-) … Read more…

toddtyrtle on “Support Bikelanes on the Danforth!” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 02:41 PM PDT

Definitely cycling helps me spend more outside my neighbourhood than I would otherwise. Being able to carry easily a large load of groceries home from the Big Carrot on my bike is a lot more convenien… Read more…

toddtyrtle on “Shoulder Checks” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 02:38 PM PDT

I’ve heard another side effect of frequent shoulder checking even without changing lanes is that it can make a cyclist seem more unpredictable and therefore be given more space when passing. I’d say t… Read more…

joe on “About the Directory” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 11:07 AM PDT

Annie … is the Bad Dog letter published anywhere? … Read more…

joe on “About the Directory” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 11:07 AM PDT

Awesome! I have a friend who does lots of improv there. :) … Read more…

joe on “Support Bikelanes on the Danforth!” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 11:07 AM PDT

Hahaha. :) A butcher shop near our new place is starting to know me… buying $20 of premium beef is becoming a weekly ritual. And I always go in on my way home from work and wear my helmet in. :) … Read more…

West Toronto Railpath Party Parade! [Main Blog]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 11:06 AM PDT

From BikeLaneDiary:… Read more…

joe on “Shoulder Checks” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 11:05 AM PDT

I sometimes do it automatically when there is no reason to (no car noise behind me, on a quiet side street, not near an intersection…), and I catch myself doing it and then ask myself why I’m doing … Read more…

AnnieD on “About the Directory” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 11:01 AM PDT

Bad Dog Theatre wrote a letter in support of bike lanes on Danforth. :) … Read more…

AnnieD on “Support Bikelanes on the Danforth!” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 10:58 AM PDT

“but cyclists can stop and park and shop easier than car drivers can.” Tell me about it. I just spent $18 in an impulse shopping trip at a Bloor Street fruit and veggie store – the mangoes called out … Read more…

AnnieD on “Shoulder Checks” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 10:52 AM PDT

I shoulder check all the time but it’s so automatic I don’t even know under what specific circumstances I do it in. I’ll have to pay attention next time I’m riding. It’s pretty scary sometimes, watchi… Read more…

bikeroo on “How To Avoid Flat Tires” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 08:53 AM PDT

It’s also a good thing to do some inspection every so often to prevent flats. Check the tyres, making sure that there are no objects embedded in them or to see if there are any tears of holes which co… Read more…

bikeroo on “Shoulder Checks” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 08:48 AM PDT

Agreed, not many cyclists shoulder check which is dangerous. But then again, I also see a bunch of drivers who don’t bother as well. After a trip to the velodrome it’s been almost instinctive to shoul… Read more…

June 19: New in the BikingToronto Forum [Main Blog]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 08:47 AM PDT

toddtyrtle on “About the Directory” Posted: 18 Jun 2009 10:05 AM PDT You’re always so positive Joe. Something for me to aspire to, I guess. I agree – having a list of bike-friendly businesses is a g… Read more…

June 18: Latest Comments Update [Main Blog]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 08:38 AM PDT

Re: Support Bikelanes on the Danforth! Posted: 18 Jun 2009 12:15 PM PDT Too many cars on the Danforth? Surely you jest!Good thing that’s not the case for the rest of the city! Re: Support Bikel… Read more…

June 19: New Content on BikingToronto [Main Blog]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 07:16 AM PDT

Read more…

joe on “Ride Ward 25″ [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 07:11 AM PDT

From the City of Toronto cycling calendar: Date: Saturday, June 27, 2009 Start time: 01:00 PM End time: 03:00 PM Join the North York Cycling and Pedestrian Committee and Councillor Cliff Jenkins for a… Read more…

BikeMonth Events on Sat, June 20, 2009 [Main Blog]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 05:46 AM PDT

24 Hours of Summer Solstice North America’s Largest 24 Hour Mountain Bike Event 20090620 20090620 Cycle for Sight7am-3pmThe Cycle for Sight ultimately promises to be a catalyst for personal fitness… Read more…

toddtyrtle on “Support Bikelanes on the Danforth!” [Forum]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 04:43 AM PDT

FYI – looks like they’ve made the page members only. Fortunately Google Cache was able to help. The page is here … Read more…

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Naked Cycling, Danforth Bikelanes, Minnan-Wong Tries Biking [Main Blog]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 01:49 AM PDT

Happy Friday! Time for all the news from the past week! :)Headlines: Naked Cyclists Wage War on Cars? Spacing Toronto: How to fan the flames of the fake War on the Car in Toronto I suggested that car … Read more…

Photo of the Day: Criterium Pack [Main Blog]

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 12:56 AM PDT

Photo of the Toronto Criterium by @ThetaState… Read more…

BikingToronto Archives: June 19 [Main Blog]

Posted: 18 Jun 2009 10:14 PM PDT

2006 The Toronto Green Zone 2007 Photo of the Day – Tues, June 19thBikeLanes in the News2008News Links for Thursday June 19 Yesterday on the BikingToronto Community Yesterday in the BikingToronto F… Read more…



VISION ZERO: A Road Safety Plan for Toronto

Go read this right now at Dandyhorse.  Any politician who votes against Vision Zero is effectively voting FOR people dying on the streets.  Your kids, your friends, and you. Is Vision Zero, the Swedish initiative to eliminate road deaths, coming to Toronto? A Swedish video on the issue lays the premise of the movement: “For […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY: Bike Chic. Queen and Spadina

Source: Original photo – by sigma. on Flickr. via Tumblr ift.tt/1JeuzYF via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group. Also check out the thousands of amazing photos that have been shared on instagram with the #biketo hashtag!


INFRASTRUCTURE: Toronto wants you to plan the future of cycling

Want a bikelane somewhere?  Let the city know, officially: Via an online survey, people are being invited to identify up to 20 streets – 10 downtown and 10 others anywhere in the city — as cycling priorities from a list of suggestions. The suggestions were based on earlier survey data and the city’s smartphone app […]


EVENT: Sat, July 4 – Bike Pirates celebrates their 9th Birthday

Please join us this Saturday, JULY 4TH, for some fun, food, and high fives. We couldn’t have made it to 9 years without the support of this community!We will be outside the shop for part of the afternoon saying hello to our new Parkdale neighbours, so come by to see the shop in action, have […]


INSTAGRAM: More Bells on Danforth

Bells on #Danforth! Looking east from Pape. #Danforthlovesbikes Danforth Loves Bikes! Follow BikingToronto on instagram! @bikingtoronto


NEWS: Nearby bikeshare station may raise your home’s value

Having a bike share station outside your front door might do more than give you a convenient way to ride to work — it might also boost the value of your home. According to a new study from McGill University, residential units in Montreal are worth more if they’re close to a Bixi station, Montreal’s […]


NEWS: Cyclist dead following 2-vehicle collision on Dufferin St.

The cyclist wasn’t on the road (standing on sidewalk), but car struck a hydro pole, which then killed them. Awful. A cyclist has been confirmed dead by York Regional Police following a vehicle collision on Dufferin St. north of Steeles Ave. on Monday evening. Two cyclists were on the sidewalk corner of Dufferin St. and […]


OH YEAH! The Viaduct bikelanes get MORE green paint!

Well, I don’t know what’s going on.  This is a level of paying attention to cycling infrastructure on the Bloor Viaduct that, quite frankly, I thought I’d never see (and it pissed me off, often). But now, after the green paint that was laid down late last week in the bikelane, there is now MORE […]


FACEPALM: City closes Hoskin bikelane for PanAm Games

What’s a great idea?  Closing down one of the busiest bikelanes in the city and not providing a detour that’s safe for cyclists (and pedestrians) because of the “short distance of the inconvenience”. A sign erected on June 25 indicates the closure of the Hoskin bike lane for two months during the Pan Am Games. […]


INSTAGRAM: Bells on Danforth

Dipping into the instagram archives for this great pic from Bells on Danforth. Biking the viaduct and #thedanny with hundreds of people! #Danforthlovesbikes #biketoFollow BikingToronto on instagram! @bikingtoronto

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