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I Bike T.O. Profile: Benedict

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I’ve been “e-friends” with Benedict for awhile, and finally met him at the 2009 Bike Summit. We met up again the next day at the Toronto Criterium, where he bought a black I Bike T.O. shirt, and sent me these photos of him wearing his shirt in Montreal along with a written blurb about biking in Toronto! :)

I Bike T.O., do you?

When people think of Toronto the things that come to mind are the CN Tower, the Jays, or how Toronto is the place to film the next big blockbuster. But Toronto is also a great place to bike, with a strong community of advocates and cyclists, amazing nature and park trails and growing support from the local government.

I Bike T.O. because it’s fun, fast and practical. It just makes sense to ride a bike in the city and when you’re cruising by the lake on the Martin Goodman Trail or zipping by crawling traffic on Bloor St. you’ll know why.

Benedict has an amazing photo collection on Flickr, and is involved with the Ryerson Bike Club.

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