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Wear It Proud Toronto: Bike-Related Apparel

I recently stumbled across
WIPT (Wear it Proud Toronto) Clothing… a business all about bicycle friendly and fixed gear culture inspired apparel. Then, I read a little feature on them in the Spring issue of Dandyhorse. I got in touch with owner Steffan Kraiker and asked him to describe himself and WIPT, because it’s one that Toronto cyclists should know about.

My girlfriend Cristina and I are absolutely bananas about bikes. We both come from fathers that sat on the Toronto City Cycling Committee during the early 90’s, my dad was chair of the commuter program, and as a result we were fortunate to be exposed to the wonderful world of bicycles at a very early age. Growing up we used bikes for fun, or to visit friends, and now as young adults our reasons for riding has grown exponentially. We are actively involved with our community, supporting a range of events from fund raisers to fun races, we are always eager to donate some gear and our time.

Wipt is a growing clothing line that embraces the fixed gear and urban cycling lifestyle with shirt’s and hats that are fun to wear and relevant to the culture. We started with shirts that featured images our friends could relate too, I’ve begun the sewing cycling caps, and Cristina being a fashion designer is developing a line of stylish clothing designed with the intent to ride in.

We believe in environmental sustainability, we do everything our selves to minimize our footprint, and we always aim to use sweatshop free Tees for printing on. We ride to work and school in almost any weather conditions because it’s the right thing to do, and we talk about it with people, trying to encourage more of the same. In the future we intend to put some of our proceeds back into charities and community funds, but for the time being we are hoping to supplement some of our tuition fees!

Our goods can be purchased at the VeloSocial happening the second Thursday of every month at the Augusta House 152a Augusta Ave in Kensington Market, at Function 13 at 156 Augusta Ave, and Method Lab at 3097 Dundas St W in the Junction.

As well we try to update our blog as much as possible, and have a link to purchase on our website.

Worth mentioning is that we love custom projects, I’m currently making 20 hats for our local bike polo team, and are always happy to talk about wholesale pricing.

Wear It Proud Toronto

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– Phone: 647 501 2253