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Transportation Planning on TVO’s Agenda Tonight

TVO‘s great current affairs program The Agenda is hitting the airwaves tonight (8 pm and 11 pm) with an episode called “Sharing the Road” involving discussion on Transportation planning and how to balance the needs of different road users.

BikingToronto was asked to participate and discuss things from a cyclists’ point of view, but was unable to make the taping. It sounds like they are planning on having guests from organizations representing cycling, pedestrians, transit users, and drivers.

According to the Agenda website, the focused discussion (generally in the first part of the show) will be with Fred Hanson, the general manager of TriMet – the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon.

I’ll be watching, and hoping that cycling is represented by an articulate and sensible person. The last thing cyclists need is to be represented by anyone who perpetuates the myth that cyclists are “irregular”.

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