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Seeing Montreal by Bixi

A great comment was left yesterday on BikingToronto by Tamy, a Montreal resident who *loves* her city and the new Bixi bikesharing program. So much so that she made a video about seeing Montreal by Bixi!

Toronto is looking at Bikesharing too, so lets hope this video is widely seen.

Here’s Tamy’s comment, with the video embedded below:

Every big city of Canada should have a BIXI system. I’m from Montreal and I can’t wait for it to launch this week :-) I think it’s already inspiring a lot of cities in Canada and in the States.

There’s a rack right next to my apartment, and I’m a girl who takes her car on the daily, don’t want my own bike because I would have to transport it up the stairs every night and morning, but Bixi makes it really easy for me. Plus there’s tons of city bike routes that lead to the main business districts, so it’s perfect for work. So sick of being stuck in traffic…

I actually had the chance to try a bixi bike before the launch and I was really satisfied, although they are a bit heavy. Anyway, if ever you’re planning on coming to Montreal this summer, I just put together a nice little video of my favorite bike paths in MTL, on a Bixi of course ;)