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Cyclist Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries in Crash

The Toronto Star is reporting on a cyclist-car collision from last night:

The 53-year-old man was heading west on Rogers Rd. in the bike lane shortly after 7 p.m. At Silverthorn Ave., the van turned right and he hit the side.

The force of the crash threw him to the ground, where he hit his head. He was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Police are still investigating and haven’t laid any charges so far.

“Both drivers could have had opportunities to avoid this, by being a little more aware and a little more alert,” said Sgt. Tim Burrows, adding that the cyclist could have slowed down and waited for the van to turn, while the van driver could have paid closer attention and seen the cyclist coming up from behind.

I think it’s a little pre-mature to blame one or both of the drivers… the van may not have signalled the intention to turn right… leading the cyclist to believe that the van would head straight through the intersection.

On the other hand, the van may have signalled, with the cyclist opting to pass the van in the bikelane.