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More Details about the OCAD Gateway BikeStand Winners

OCAD has put out a news release about the announcement of the winning design at their Gateway BikeStand Design competition last friday, along with photos:

Rosete and Mach’s first-place design will now proceed to development and implementation, with their bike stands built as part of the new building designed by architect Robert Chang. Justin Rosete and Erica Mach with Mayor Miller

“I’m incredibly proud of what these students have done and that this work will stand as a testament to the tremendous wealth of talent we have in Toronto,” said Mayor Miller. “Their designs are not only representative of the general excellence coming out of OCAD, they will make a real and positive difference in beautifying the city’s public realm.”

“Part of our university’s design philosophy is to create objects, environments and experiences that nurture community, satisfy needs and empower individuals — and I think the imaginative and innovative designs produced by our students embody all of these qualities,” said OCAD President Sara Diamond. “Through community-based competitions like the Gateway Bike Stand Challenge, OCAD students are contributing to the enhancement of Toronto’s streetscape.”

OCAD Gateway Bike Stand Challenge winners (left to right): Jaeho Shin and Jihoon Lee; EV Kelly Hui and Olivier Mayrand; OCAD President Sara Diamond and Toronto Mayor David Miller; Erica Mach and Justin Rosete; Michael Pham; Adam Kereliuk.
Photo: Lino Ragno

Councillor Adam Vaughan and OCAD President Sara Diamond view the bike stand models.
Photo: Lino Ragno

OCAD Gateway Bike Stand Challenge winners Justin Rosete and Erica Mach.
Photo: Lino Ragno

Toronto Mayor David Miller views the bike stand models.
Photo: Lino Ragno

OCAD Gateway Bike Stand Challenge winners (left to right): Justin Garek, Councillor Adam Vaughan, Councillor Bill Saundercook, Justin Rosete, Erica Mach, Mayor David Miller, OCAD President Sara Diamond and architect Robert Chang.
Photo: Lino Ragno

OCAD Gateway Bike Stand Challenge winners (left to right): Jaeho Shin, Jihoon Lee, Olivier Mayrand, EV Kelly Hui, Justin Rosete, Erica Mach, Mayor David Miller, Michael Pham and Adam Kereliuk.
Photo: Lino Ragno

OCAD Gateway Bike Stand Challenge winners Justin Rosete and Erica Mach with Toronto Mayor David Miller (who tweeted the photo).
Photo: Lino Ragno

More info in the OCAD News Release.



ARREST HER: Driver somehow gets her car on the Railpath; reportedly HITS A CHILD.

You can’t make this stuff up folks. The following is from the Reddit comments thread.  Did this idiot actually hit a child?!!?!? It was reported to Police by many, especially after she hit a little girl. From Councillor Ana Bailao: Immediately after hearing about this incident my office notified Parks Supervisor Lennox Morgan and local […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY: King St Shadows

Source: Original photo – by PureWest on Flickr.via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group. Also check out the thousands of amazing photos that have been shared on instagram with the #biketo hashtag!


OH YEAH: Downtown Vancouver businesses’ attitudes towards bike lanes have changed in the last 5 years

“We want downtown to be accessible by all modes of transportation and I think if we say, ‘Well, we’re not interested in separated bike lanes because of this and that, we’re going to basically exclude ourselves from a growing market of people that commute to work by bike as well as people that are living […]


OH YEAH: Prince Edward Viaduct may keep those Jersey Barriers for ALL of Bike Month!

Big ups to Councillor Paula Fletcher, who has requested that those awesome jersey barriers that have separated the eastbound viaduct bikelanes from car traffic (above) during a period of construction STAY for all of Bike Month, so city staff can study the impact of the jersey barriers from now until June 25th. Construction work related […]


REVIEW: Bike to Work Day 2015 

What began in Toronto as Bike to Work Day  in 1989 has evolved to become one of the largest events of its kind in Canada and is now celebrated across the city for a full month with hundreds of community-driven events. Today, May 25, at Bike to Work Day, bike-friendly politicians (including an appearance by […]


OH YEAH: The Origin Story of Sunnyside Bike Park – An Advocacy Success Story

In early 2011, the High Park BMX jumps were removed as they were on the Seneca Wolf Clan’s Serpent Mounds in the south east corner of the park. A few members of the Toronto Off-Road Bicycle Association (TORBA) approached the new Ward 13 Councillor, Sarah Doucette to ask what the City was going to do […]



Source: Original photo – by adsmultimedia@gmail.com on Flickr. The City of Toronto aims to provide a safe, comfortable and bicycle friendly environment that includes bicycle-friendly streets, bike parks and an extensive paved multi-use trail network. via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group. Also check out the […]

TRAVEL Log Toronto Cycling 20140714

NEWS: Should cyclists be allowed to ride through stop signs?

Obviously, yes.  Just like drivers are.  Spend any time at a stop sign and watch how many cars do “rolling stops” if there ar no other moving vehicles near the intersection.  Spoiler alert: almost every driver does rolling stops, just like cyclists do. In fact, when I learned to drive in Newmarket, a stop sign […]


SHOP: Brand new bike shop a shrine for serious cyclists

Well, the headline is a little stupid… it should read “…shrine for roadie cyclists”, as “serious” doesn’t only apply to those willing to drop thousands of dollars on a bike. It applies equally to the tens (hundreds?) of thousands of Torontonians who are serious about using their bike to get around the city – to […]


OH YEAH: Rolling Youth into Toronto’s Bicycle Renaissance

With countless community events being hosted from May 25th to June 25th, the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is anticipating Bike Month 2015. Municipalities and community groups alike are hosting the A to Z in bike events, from food incentivized group rides to bike repair crash courses. Although cycling mode shares are still relatively low […]

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