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Biking for Google StreetView

Have you seen the Google Streetview Car? The vehicle that drives around and takes photos of public streets is reportedly in Toronto.

The Toronto Cyclists Union pondered the idea of having a bike gathering around the car to let the world know that Toronto loves cycling:

Yvonne Bambrick of the Toronto Cyclists Union says she’s on the lookout for a Google car to put a call out to her membership at a moment’s notice.

“We’d like to get cyclists out en masse and surround the car, to let people know that Toronto rides bikes,” she says. “It’s about messaging. Street View is a great communications tool if you plan for it.” [from the Star]

Update: The Star seems to have exaggerated Yvonne’s interest in the “Googlemobile” … it would be cool to have some cyclists near the car as it takes photos of our streets.

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