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Apr. 17: Latest Comments Update

Re: BikingToronto: Have Your Say: Roncesvalles Streetcar Stops and Cyclists

Just a clarification: the so-called “transit platforms” are not extensions of the sidewalk. They are roadways. They are shared by pedestrians only in the sense that when there is a streetcar, cyclists must stop and pedestrians may cross. Otherwise, these spaces will belong exclusively to cyclists. They are NOT shared in the sense of pedestrians and cyclists using the same space at the same time. The TTC has been regrettably unclear about this, and the decision to call these things “transit platforms” does not help.

I hope my posting on the BIA website will help clarify things: http://www.roncesvallesvillage.ca/?p=434

Whether this concept will actually work remains to be seen. There are many questions to answer, such as how snow will be removed from these lanes, or how the City will blend the raised portion with the main road safely and coherently. But first we must understand what the City and TTC have actually proposed.

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