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Added Last Week to the Stolen Bike Listing


make: Nakaumra
model: Profile
Colour: Silver
General Description: The bike is about 8 years old
Date of theft: Between Friday night March 20, 2009 and Thursday April 2, 2009
Location of theft: Major intersection: (Allen Road and Lawrence ave. West) street: Meadowbrook rd.
City: Toronto (North York)

Blue LE MANS Cruiser (Dunda…

Blue LE MANS Cruiser (Dundas/Augusta)

(from craigslist)

My bike was stolen from inside my front gate at Dundas and Augusta last week.

Silvery blue small ladies’ cruiser. Dented silver basket. Bell on right handle. White hand grips. Silver fenders. Chain guard in same colour as bike, with “Le Mans” written in scrolly letters. Back-pedal brakes, one gear. Old black seat with small repair on left side. Also, it had a u-lock holder thing on the seat post which was held on with rusty screws and a lot of yellowy epoxy. I bought it from Mrs. Huzinga’s on Roncesvalles last June. Only a little rust.

I can offer a small reward. But I can’t afford a new bike. Can anyone help?

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Vintage CCM Sunsport (Dunda…

Vintage CCM Sunsport (Dundas/Dufferin)

(from craigslist)

My 1974 mint-condition CCM Sunsport was stolen from behind my apartment building at Dundas and Dufferin some time in the last few days.

I am offering a reward to anyone who can help me get it back.

If anyone knows of any shops that I should visit, that would also be a big help.

I loved my bike and only had it for a year,

The bike is a metallic rust color with all decals intact (including the one from Bloor Cycle).
It says sunsport across the frame, has a black leather seat, a rack on the back, and white brake cables.

Thanks so much for any information.

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Two Bikes Stolen (Jane and …

Two Bikes Stolen (Jane and Lawrence)

(from craigslist)

Our two bicycles were stolen from our garage yesterday afternoon. We figure whoever took them is going to sell them, they are pretty awesome bikes and we are missing them now that the weather is getting so great.

The first bike is a Blue Haro, full suspension, with a very LOUD airhorn.

The second bike is a Black and Silver/Grey Jamis, front suspension. I don’t have a photo at the moment, but if you come across these bikes, please contact me, and there will be a generous reward for their return.

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Stolen: very unique hybrid …

Stolen: very unique hybrid

(From another forum thread)

My bike was locked up with two locks in a location I foolishly thought was low risk (security everywhere). I’m an idiot.

Date of theft:
Friday, March 27

Stolen from:
Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto (Bayview Ave. south of Lawrence Ave.)

- Dirt jumper frame by Fetish Cycles (Obsession model) but no decals
- Carbon fork – mountain bike
- Carbon seat post

- Midnight blue, matte, very clean

General Description:
- 700c wheels on a dirt jumper frame, very sexy but low profile, sleek looking hybrid. Disc brakes. Flat handlebars, carbon fork (mountain) and seat post.

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