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Popular February 2009 Posts

Here are the 10 blog posts that saw the most action in February.

1. Elsewhere: Bike Polo Hits New York City

Passing by the corner of Chrystie and Broome Sts., one could easily miss the hottest new sporting event in town. That’s because the arena is tucked below ground level in a funky, 7,000-square-foot asphalt pit. Here a bunch of daredevils in jeans and scruffy shirts play a lively game of polo on bicycles, as they circle and glide back and forth at a mesmerizing pace.

2. 2009 Ice Bike Race Photos

Here are some photo collections of the Ice Bike Races from Saturday night. I didn’t hear anything about it beforehand, but apparently they collected money for the cyclist that was purposely hit by a taxi (and subsequently lost his leg) and raised over $1000!

3. Two New Electric Bike Stores in Town

Whether or not you’ve seen them, or like them, or think they have a right to use bikelanes, you’re about to see a lot more of them. Electric Bike manufacturer and retailer Daymak has just opened up two new stores in Toronto (at Richmond & Jarvis and Bloor & Dundas).

4. Rachel McAdams: Another Celebrity Who Loves Biking Toronto

What did you do during your sabbatical?
I bought a house in Toronto. I spent time there with my family members and friends. I traveled to Europe. I started doing yoga. Actually, I really got into yoga — Kundalini — and love it. I also started a website with friends [greenissexy.org]…

How do you live green?
I don’t own a car. In Toronto, my bike is my car.

5. Ellen Page: Halifax Actor, Oscar Nominee, and Cyclist

Ellen Page is desperately seeking a bike mechanic. Which might seem strange, because for weeks now she’s had a sedan, complete with tinted windows and a black-suited driver, at her beck and call. It’s just one of the perks of being a Hollywood awards season hopeful. Back home in Nova Scotia, however, her wheels are decidedly less glamorous. “I don’t own a car where I live,” she says. “The way I get around is by foot and by bike.”

6. 2009 Ice Bike Races

BikePirates is hosting an after-party following the races. They are located at 1292 Bloor Street West. If you’re on facebook, check out the Facebook Event page for the races.

7. Weekly News Wrap-Up: Winter Riding and Training Bike Mechanics

3 main stories this week… first off, the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun do write-ups of the Coldest Day of the Year Ride… an event put on by the city to show that even though Toronto winters get cold, it’s still fun to ride. It took place on Jan. 30th… statistically the coldest day of the year.

E-Bike Legislation to be Discussed at Queen’s Park

Later this month (February 23 and 25th, to be exact), Queen’s Park will reviewing amendments (in Bill 126 – PDF file) to Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act in public hearings, including amendments concerning “E-Bikes” or “Power Assisted Bicycles”…

9. The ROM adds Public Art Bike Racks

Not all things are going bad for cyclists on Bloor St. The Royal Ontario Museum has unveiled 12 artful bikeracks that not only secure bikes but serve as sidewalk sculpture. Each takes it’s inspiration from an exhibit within the museum.

10. Proof that BikeLanes are Good for Business

“Contrary to common public perception, the evidence shows that removing on-street parking to install a bicycle lane or widened sidewalk would likely increase not decrease commercial activity. “This report should alleviate concerns that downtown business owners have about on-street bicycle lanes”, said Eva Ligeti, Executive Director of the Clean Air Partnership.

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