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Popular January 2009 Posts

Here are the 10 blog posts that saw the most action in January.

1. Ellen Page: Halifax Actor, Oscar Nominee, and Cyclist

Ellen Page is desperately seeking a bike mechanic. Which might seem strange, because for weeks now she’s had a sedan, complete with tinted windows and a black-suited driver, at her beck and call. It’s just one of the perks of being a Hollywood awards season hopeful. Back home in Nova Scotia, however, her wheels are decidedly less glamorous. “I don’t own a car where I live,” she says. “The way I get around is by foot and by bike.”

2. TTC and Bikes Warm Welcome Hoax?

There’s something banging around the internet today about a supposed new campaign by the TTC to “warmly welcome” cyclists with signs that say when bikes ARE allowed on the transit system as opposed to when they are NOT.

3. Weekly News Wrap-Up: Cycling into 2009

This is the first Wrap-Up since the Holidays, so we have some “Looking Back at 2008” as well as some “Looking Forward to 2009” news links for you.

4. Two New Electric Bike Stores in Town

Whether or not you’ve seen them, or like them, or think they have a right to use bikelanes, you’re about to see a lot more of them. Electric Bike manufacturer and retailer Daymak has just opened up two new stores in Toronto (at Richmond & Jarvis and Bloor & Dundas).

Rachel McAdams: Another Celebrity Who Loves Biking Toronto

What did you do during your sabbatical?
I bought a house in Toronto. I spent time there with my family members and friends. I traveled to Europe. I started doing yoga. Actually, I really got into yoga — Kundalini — and love it. I also started a website with friends [greenissexy.org]…

How do you live green?
I don’t own a car. In Toronto, my bike is my car.

6. Weekly News Wrap-Up: Bikes on Transit Hoax

The majority of news this week was about the Bikes on the TTC Hoax that some cycling people sent out using an anonymous email website. The email faked a TTC press release (complete with grammar and spelling errors), making unreasonable claims such as the TTC is considering reserving cars on subway trains just for cyclists and their bikes. It’s hard to make space for bikes when there isn’t enough space for people on the TTC during rush hour.

7. Weekly News Wrap-Up: Toronto Bike Awards, Laser Bikelanes and Re-Designing Jarvis

The majority of news this week was about the Toronto Bike Awards that were handed out on Tuesday night by the City of Toronto and the Toronto Cyclists Union.

8. City and Cyclist Union Bike Awards

The City of Toronto in partnership with the Toronto Cyclists Union will present the Bicycle Friendly Business Awards and the Cyclists Union own awards, the Golden Spokes.

Report from the 2008 Toronto Bike Awards

Along with the award presentations, we were also treated to music by the band GUH, spinning by DJs Dorian and Dorian, a short musical called “Bicycle Revolution” by Clay and Paper Theatre, and a surprisingly provocative “Winter Cyclist Reverse Strip Tease” (in which people put *on* layers).

Headlines: Pedal Powered Snowmobile

Clayton Preddy would like it if you got your own bike this winter. Just because yours doesn’t have an indestructible polyurethane track for a back wheel, doesn’t mean you can just jump on his any time you like.

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VIDEO: A DIY repair shop created by students for students

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MAPS! Helping cyclists avoid smoggy routes in Toronto and Montreal

  Amazing tool!  Played with it a long time.  Very telling that when you turn off the street map, high pollution levels still indicate where roads (and especially highways and the airport) are, and where the ravines (without highways) are. It is essentially a Google Map with an extra layer representing the average concentration of […]

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An excellent piece in Torontoist about why a bike lane pilot designed to collect data about benefits/detriments and overwhelming supported by the community is getting static from politicians: There really should have been little to no debate about this 2.5 kilometre bike lane pilot project running along Bloor Street West from Shaw Street to Avenue […]