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Dec. 5: Added Yesterday to the Stolen Bike Listing

Red 2006 Schwinn

Red 2006 Schwinn (Queens Quay & York)

2006 Schwinn RD700 Roadbike
Candy apple red frame
Red bar tape
Shimano Sora components
Bike rack on back
New tires Mitchell black tread with silver sidewalls
Shimano clipless pedals

I had the bike leaned up against a wall and was helping a friend load some stuff into his truck. The bike was not more than ten feet behind me. When I had my back turned, some scumbag must have siezed the “opportunity” and grabbed my baby.

Just goes to show, you can’t be too carefull. This guy must have been watching me, because he only had a few seconds to grab it while my back was turned – In broad daylight, within ten feet of the owner and another guy, both of whom would have whipped his ass if we caught him.

I don’t really expect to get it back, but now that Igor is gone, where do you go to look for your bike once it gets stolen? I’m thinking the queen st. pawn shops, anyone else have ideas?

contact email (from craigslist)

Green Specialized Crossroads

Green Specialized Crossroads (Harbord & Clinton)

This bike was stolen on Harbord Street on Saturday October 18th or Sunday October 19th. The bike was left unlocked and maybe someone thought it was available to take but it was not, I just forgot it there when unloading groceries.

The bike is:
• Specialized Crossroads
• dark green colour
• accessories: black bell, black wire basket in the front, two small lights (which might have been taken)

If you have seen this bike anywhere or happen to have taken it by mistake, please contact me. I won’t judge you or ask any questions.

While this may be a long shot, I believe in the kindness of Torontonians. Thank you.

contact email (from craigslist)

Blue Ladies Giant Cypress

Blue Ladies Giant Cypress (York and Richmond)

My ladies Giant Cypress was stolen from York and Richmond on Sunday afternoon. I loved that bike and will give a reward no questions asked for it’s safe return.
It is a 17 inch frame and had an air horn and blue MEC saddle bag on the back.
The bike is blue with silver.

contact email  (from craigslist)

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