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Bike / Taxi Collision, Cyclist Leg Amputated

Scary stuff from the streets this morning. I’ll post more details as I know them.

CityNews: Police Interviewing Cabbie Following Bizarre Incident West Of Downtown

Was it a hit-and-run? An attempted robbery? Police are still trying to iron out the details of a bizarre incident early Friday morning. A cyclist was taken to hospital after his leg was reportedly severed in a collision with a cab near the intersection of Dovercourt Rd. and Dundas St. It’s believed the cab backed into the man, hit a pole, and took off at about 2:30am.

CBC: Cyclist badly injured in taxi collision

Toronto police are trying to figure out how a taxi nearly severed a cyclist’s leg early Friday morning. The incident happened at around 2:30 a.m. at the corner of Dovercourt Road and Argyle Street. Witnesses told police they heard shouting, followed by the sound of a crash. Then they saw a Beck’s taxi leaving the scene and a cyclist lying at the side of the road in obvious pain. A few hours later, a taxi driver contacted police and said he had been assaulted just before the incident.

  • Anonymous

    No accident.

  • Anonymous

    where are the protests? we need to take action!

  • Anonymous

    Where is the common sense in this?

    Q. Was it a hit & run?
    A. Most likely it was!

    Q. An attempted robbery?
    A. So do robbers ride around on bicycles just to prey on cab drivers? Also, if I was being robbed, why would I put the car in reverse towards the guy try to rob me?

    My 2 cents, cab drivers are supposed to be professionals. The key word is "supposed", the fact that the cabbie fled the scene, incriminates him. Regardless of the cabbies outcome (likely, a fine or worse case scenario, a suspended license), the cyclist is maimed for life. From that perspective, it should be fitting that the cabbie and Becks Taxi get sued for everything they are worth!