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Toronto’s Weekly Carnage

Toronto’s Weekly Carnage collects the news stories from the past week that highlights the dangers of creating communities and infrastructure based on the private automobile and the neglection of policies and urban planning that encourage the use of public transit and active transportation modes like cycling and walking.

  • Roofing Truck Crash On Glebemount

    It happened just before 9am Wednesday. A car was heading north on Glebemount when it collided with a roofing truck at Mortimer. The force of the impact saw the truck push the smaller vehicle right into a hydro pole.

  • Woman hit by car in north end

    An 86-year-old woman is in hospital after she was hit by a car, while crossing the road in the city’s north end this morning. At about 10:30 a.m., the woman was walking on Yonge St. just north of Finch Ave. when a car travelling northbound hit her.

  • Police rescue man from burning car

    At 1 a.m. a collision occurred on the exit ramp from Hwy. 401 to McCowan Rd. The driver lost control of his vehicle and landed in a ditch. Three 43 division officers who were in the area saw the car burst into flames.

  • Crash involving TTC bus sends 5 to hospital

    The van T-boned the southbound bus in the intersection, that then veered and hit a northbound tractor-trailer. The driver of the van fled on foot, according to police, but was caught within an hour by the police canine unit just blocks away.

  • Fatal collisions on QEW and Hwy. 400

    Mohammad Rao wasn’t far from his Mississauga home after a late fare from Pearson airport early today when his taxi van was clipped by a car that sped in and out of traffic on the Queen Elizabeth Way near Cawthra Rd.

  • Driver Under Arrest After Fatal Crash On QEW

    The accident happened around 4am in the westbound lanes just past Dixie Road when a BMW smashed into another car and a mini-van taxi.

  • Multi-Vehicle Crash Closes Northbound 400

    The northbound lanes of Highway 400 near Highway 9 have been closed due to a multi-vehicle collision. Apparently a tractor-trailer collided with two other cars, and two people have been rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

  • Fewer deaths since street racing law

    From the beginning of the year to the end of August, 209 people had been killed in 183 crashes on Ontario highways, compared to 309 fatalities in 263 crashes in the same period in 2007, the OPP said in a recent news release.

  • Taxi driver killed in QEW collision

    The crash happened at about 1 a.m. Witnesses reported seeing a BMW speeding in the westbound lanes of the QEW in Mississauga. According to police the car was driving erratically and aggressively.

  • Two-Vehicle Crash Sends Six To Hospital

    A mother and her three-month-old baby were among six people hurt in a two-vehicle crash near Victoria Park and Danforth Sunday.

  • Deadly Crash Kills One At 400 And Wilson

    Officers on scene say the Oldsmobile was headed east on Wilson Avenue when it crashed into a concrete pillar.

  • Crash kills Toronto man

    The man was travelling eastbound on Wilson at a high rate of speed just before 6 a.m. ET Sunday when, according to police, he lost control of the vehicle and collided with a concrete overpass.



OH YEAH! Sexy people stopping at a red light

I shared the above photo on facebook the other day, and it got such a good response, I thought I’d share it here too. Look at all these sexy people on bikes stopped at a red light (at a T intersection, no less). Sooooo hot. See it (and a good discussion) on the City of […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY: Messenger’s Line

Source: Original photo – by Phanciest on Flickr. Toronto via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group.

OH YEAH! Toronto lawyer helps cyclists pedal through ‘unjust’ legal system

For cyclists injured in an accident, navigating the legal system can be as hard as biking through downtown Toronto during rush hour, says lawyer Patrick Brown. “The system can be very complicated and a lot of cyclists don’t know what entitlements they have,” he said. That’s why Brown, an ardent cycling advocate, has partnered with […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Help out with the Toronto Parks and Trails Wayfinding Strategy

  Help Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation department design their wayfinding system: What is Wayfinding? Wayfinding encompasses all the ways in which people understand their surroundings and navigate from place to place. Wayfinding is more than signs – it also includes names, landmarks, conventions, maps and new media. What is the Toronto Parks & Trails […]

NEWS: Car Columnist has trouble remembering bicycle turn signals; bitches about it

A car columnist for the Globe whines about hand signals being too confusing for him.  Because remembering stuff is hard. He also blames car-bike collisions on drivers not understanding bike hand signals.  That’s totally the reason there are collisions.  It’s not drivers being inattentive or the self-righteous belief that being in a car means they should […]


INFRASTRUCTURE: New Contraflow Bikelane on Florence St.

Having fun watching cyclists discover the freshly installed bike lane on Florence St. In just a couple minutes since I arrived, over a dozen eastbound cyclists who yesterday were going the wrong way on Florence illegally, have adjusted their lane positioning into the centre of the new contra-flow bicycle lane coming around the corner from […]

OH YEAH: Don’t make bicyclists more visible. Make drivers stop hitting them.

About 100 years ago, the auto industry pulled off a neat trick: It stole the public roadways from us. See, in the early days of the motor vehicle, there used to be this quaint idea that the person operating the giant machine should look out for other people. Then came mass production and the Model […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY: Richmond street

Source: Original photo – by Fixed in Silver on Flickr.  via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Pan Am Path Update: Launch Event May 16

Pan Am Path Art Relay Launch Event May 16 With the international attention that the Pan Am Games will generate, a unique window of opportunity will open to showcase the city’s natural assets to an international public. The Pan Am Path, a project initiated by an independent not-for-profit community-led organization called Friends of the Pan […]

HOW TO: Yvonne Bambrick tackles the commuting fear factor

Is it safe to cycle in a large city like Toronto? In her new book The Urban Cycling Survival Guide, Toronto cycling advocate Yvonne Bambrick attempts to address the “fear factor” that riders new to bike commuting might feel as they roll through our crowded streets.  In a conversation with CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, Bambrick said it […]

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