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Sept. 24: Added Yesterday to the Stolen Bike Listing

Green Iron Horse Team FS (Pape and Danforth)

I just lost my 2006 Iron Horse Team FS. It was while I was at the gym today between 11:50 and 1:00PM today (Tuesday, September 23rd 2008.) The location was the Extreme Fitness Gym, at the intersection of Pape and Danforth Ave. The bike was locked with a thick cable lock right alongside the gym. It is a green-coloured 21″ (inch) frame. Dual suspension and with front and rear mechanical disc brakes. It’s Filzer bike computer bracket is still on the handle bar, I still have the computer itself in my pocket. Has detatchable mud guard for rear tire and an overhanging, small Specialized cargo pouch secured by straps beneath the seat. Any help would be appreciated. It was a good, reliable workhorse. Here is a pic of it without the small cargo bag on the seat, from a year or so ago.

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