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Igor Kenk Stolen Bicycle Trial Delayed

The Igor Kenk Saga (which made international headlines) seemed to somewhat alleviate the frustration of Toronto cyclists in having their bicycles stolen only to find them show up in Igor Kenk’s store a few days later.

However, now Toronto cyclists get the frustration of the delays of the legal system as Kenk’s trial has been delayed for 6 weeks so his lawyer can look at over 4,000 new pages of evidence:

In a brief court appearance this morning at Old City Hall, the accused bike thief was awarded a six-week adjournment so his attorney, Lon Rose, can review the thousands of documents involved in his case.

He also plans to ask for another one once that one has been completed, Rose said.

“I’ve been told there are over 4,000 pages,” none of which have currently been provided to the defense, Rose told the court.

The Crown expressed “concerns” about the six-week delay, fearing the case would lose momentum. [Toronto Star]

[photo from Eye Weekly]