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Community Contest – September 2008

It’s time for another Community contest! Over $100 worth of prizes!!!

What kind of contest? How do I enter?
It’s a draw. Everything you do in the community in the entire month of September gets you an entry. Post in the forum? Each post is an entry. Share a photo? That’s an entry. Write a blog post? That’s an entry!

What do I win? There better be great prizes!

The prizes are fantastic. You know they are! We’ve got over $100 worth of prizes for you!

First off, we’ve got a free BikingToronto T-shirt for our first winner. Not only is it free, but if you win you get to customize it however you want! Check out “The Anna Shirt“, customized by our May Winner (Anna) with a funny Mark Twain quote on the back.

We’ve got an additional prize this month too… a free copy of The Little Green Book of Big Savings – a great little publication that has 180 discounts worth over $4,000 in freebies and savings from locally owned and operated restaurants, businesses and stores. Thanks to The Little Green Book of Big Savings for the donation of this prize!

That sounds great, but what if I post a lot in the community but don’t win the shirt or the book?
We’ve got you covered there too. The top 10 most active members in the community will get a BikingToronto button. Yay! Buttons!!!

I’m not a member of the Community yet. What do I do?
You should join! You know you want to! :)

To finish off, here’s a Past Contest Update:

May 2008 – Prizes are being mailed!
July 2008 – The draw is this weekend!