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West Toronto Railpath Construction has started

Progress has been slow so far on the West Toronto Railpath – and some people may have even forgot about it, as designs for it were unveiled way back in March 2007, but the South Junction Triangle Residents Association (who live near the north end of the railpath) are reporting that preliminary construction has begun, and have some photos:

The above will eventually look something like this:

In case you haven’t heard of the Railpath yet, it is intended to be:

“more than a park. It will be a strategic green transportation corridor running diagonally across the street grid in the West end of the City. It will help change the way people travel in Toronto’s West end and it will enable them to make more environmentally-sound transportation choices.”

This first stage runs from just north of Dupont down to Dundas, with plans to eventually extend it all the way to the King & Strachan area – providing cyclists, rollerbladers and pedestrians with a continuous, car-free path from the west end to downtown.

  • Tory

    ah yes, I saw this yesterday, crossing the pedestrian bridge there. no use to me though :( need something east west! heh

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