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National Post Looks at Portland Oregon as a Car-Free Model for Toronto

Yesterday in the National Post, film-maker Andrew Munger talks about travelling to Portland (the current leader in car-free and cycling-friendly initiatives in North America) to see how they do so much more than every other city, via the Towards Car Free Cities Conference:

“Smart growth” proponents call Portland an example for how cities should be designed. I can see why. Great public transit and the strictest land use policies in the United States are two reasons. An enthusiastic and highly politicized bicycle culture is the third. Cyclists here are well organized and have political clout.

Conference events are a mixed, and often two-wheeled, bag. From PowerPoint presentations such as “Transportation Demand Management in a University Setting” to a bike tour of Portland’s “dead freeways,” there’s something for everyone. Representing Toronto are Shamez Alana and Michael Louis Johnston, of Kensington Car Free Sundays fame.

More at the National Post.

[photo of Conference attendees celebrating the “de-paving” of a parking lot.]