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Results from the Police "Safe Cycling – Share the Responsibility" Campaign

A Toronto Star Article picked up on these results yesterday, but it’s interesting to have a look at the breakdown of the numbers:

Officers issued 6,671 tickets to motorists and cyclists who were found committing offences. Of the tickets issued:

• 3,691 tickets were issued to motorists for offences such as opening vehicle doors improperly, and failing to yield to cyclists,

• 2,076 tickets were issued to cyclists for disobeying traffic signals and failing to yield to pedestrians,

• 904 tickets were issued to cyclists for bicycle equipment offences,

• 113 parking tickets were issued for parking in designated bike lanes,

• 1,891 motorists and cyclists were cautioned with respect to a variety of related offences,

• 89 bike rodeos/lectures involving 3,410 participants were held across the city.

The Toronto Police Service reminds motorists of the dangers of opening car doors in the path of cyclists, and the importance of checking blind spots prior to making a turn, especially for large trucks. All road-users have a responsibility to share the road equally by driving safety, riding responsibly, playing smart, and obeying all the rules of the road.

For further information on the ‘Safe Cycling – Share the Responsibility’ initiative, please contact Traffic Services Programs Office at 416-808-1919 or Traffic Services Communications Office at 416-808-1920

The title of the campaign is also telling… drivers are often told to “share the road” with cyclists, and this campaign is telling drivers and cyclists that they have to “share the responsibility” of operating both motorized and non-motorized vehicles safely on our public streets.

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