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May Community Contest Winners

Hi everyone,

I just did the draw for the free BikingToronto t-shirt, using the draw entry numbers above… here’s a photo of all the entries in a hat (specifically my Blue Jay hat):

And…. I pulled one out from deep in the hat… and the winner is… *drumroll*…. Anna!!!!!

Anna, you win a free BikingToronto t-shirt, and I’ll even personalize it for you if you want. :)

Honorable mentions go to Psyminh, Pouya, Greg Lyttle, Dawn, and Tory, who were the most active members back in May. I’ll be giving you guys cute little BikingToronto buttons. :)

I’m not sure the best way to get all these prizes to you… maybe we should start a BikingToronto Community Drinks night? :)

Oh yeah… don’t forget I’m planning on doing this again for the month of July… so no worries if you didn’t win or just joined the Community… :)