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The New Maps Section!

If you haven’t already noticed it, last week I renovated the “Maps” section of this site, adding a Bikelane Map to the already well-received Bikeshop Map, and making a nice main Maps Page.

This is also part of a BikeMonth campaign between MC Abdominal and BikingToronto to raise awareness of Bicycles Crossing Borders – an organization that donates bicycles to and encourages bicycle use in underdeveloped countries. Their current international project donates bikes to Cuba.

In order to support the work of Bicycles Crossing Borders, Abdominal will be creating a series of public service announcements that will highlight the positive social and environmental impacts that biking can have.

For interviews with Abdominal or to learn more about this campaign please contact:

Craig Hill at craig@themusebox.net or 647.436.8423

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