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The New BikingToronto Design

Hi everyone,

I’ve redesigned BikingToronto for you.

The goal of the new design is to let you find information about biking in Toronto quickly and easily. After all, there are over 2000 pages (as of May 2008) of information here. They’re not going to do anyone much good if no one can find them. :)

Beside the site logo up at the top you have links to parts of the site that will help you find information:

Under that you can see links to the most popular categories of blog posts:

… and a link to the Categories Page.

If you click around a bit, you’ll find that each page has different features for you.

For instance, the News Page has links to all recent news stories, as well as news discussion in the BikingToronto Community, as well as links to the News RSS feed and the News Email Newsletter.

The Photos Page has links to all recent photo posts, as well as links to the BikingToronto Group on Flickr, as well as a new feature – Featured Photographers – with our first two – Gabi and Tino.

Look around lots, and do it often. I’ll be adding stuff to all the pages over the spring and summer. Lots of new stuff is coming too. Lucky you!

As always, I’d love your feedback on the site. You can leave comments on this post below, or shoot me an email at joe@bikingtoronto.com. Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, and what else you think BikingToronto.com should have.

All the best,


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