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Momentum Magazine features Toronto

Momentum Magazine, based in Vancouver, has a story this month on the increasing number of cyclists on the road here in Toronto. Not only that, but it focuses on how creative the cycling community seems to be:

That’s the thing about Toronto. There is a preconception everywhere north, east, or west of the city that Toronto is an innavigable concrete jungle, chock-a-block with belching tailpipes and raging motorists. How, one may ask, could cycling have become the vibrant movement that the cyclists of Toronto have created?

Toronto, for all its modest greys and blinding winter whites, has never been greener. After the misadventure of former mayor Mel Lastman’s reign, during which car-happy infrastructure was funded with fanboy enthusiasm, there is a new progressive mindset prevalent among cyclists and pedestrians. With ecological concerns at the forefront of popular concern, as the city’s widespread observance of Earth Hour in March can attest, a shift in thinking has led to a pedal-powered renaissance.

It also doesn’t hurt that biking around Toronto is really, really fun.

More at Momentum.

[photo from Gabi on Flickr ]