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May 28: Cycling News from Around the World

Cool biking stuff happens in tons of places besides Toronto.

Here’s some news, views, and inspirations that I’ve come across in the last week:

Montreal: 100 kilometres of new Montreal bike path in 2008

Some of these are new paths on major traffic arteries, like on Cote Ste-Catherine road. Some are connections between existing bike paths. But we are promised 100 new kilometres.

The Latest Innovation From Paris: Cargocycles

So what’s the delivery truck equivalent of the bicycle? Look no further than Paris, the home of 20,000 shared bikes, and there you’ll find La Petite Reine, a delivery company that utilizes a fleet of 60 Cargocycles.

Streetfilms: Tour de Brooklyn 2008

This year’s event was moved a week early to coincide with the anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge’s 125th birthday. Among the highlights of the jaunt was a ride thru the Evergreen Cemetery and a very rare visit behind the gates of the Brooklyn Navy Yar

How to Make LA Bike Friendly

Two of Los Angeles’ better known bike advocates and bloggers were busy writing about how to make Los Angeles a better place for bicyclists.

League launches Bicycle Friendly States program

Similar to their successful Bicycle Friendly Communities program this new campaign will look to “rank and recognize states that actively support bicycling.”

Announcing Oregon Manifest; an event to celebrate handmade bikes, Portland-style

“The most original, spirited, and spectacle-laden boutique bike show in the nation.”

Ghost Bikes: A Memorial to Cyclists

Ghost bikes are a spontaneous memorial to lost cyclists; they are old bikes painted white and locked near the crash site, accompanied by a small explanatory plaque. They serve as a message to those who pass by and a reminder of the need for safe cycling.

7 Ways Cities Can Make Your Bike More Secure

“Both sorts of stands are designed to make it easier to lock your bike more securely by locking both wheels and the frame to the stand and more difficult to lock you bike insecurely.”

In Afghanistan, Bicycle Courier Service Provides Work For the Wounded

Because Kabul’s streets are often clogged with vehicular traffic, security barriers and military convoys, bike messengers can get from place to place faster–and with far less hassle–than an automobile.

Portland: New bike/ped bridge over I-5 will connect to South Waterfront

The City of Portland is moving forward with their plans to build a new bike and pedestrian bridge over I-5 that will connect the Lair Hill neighborhood with the South Waterfront district near the Aerial Tram.

Coming Soon: A Major Car-Free Event in NYC

Speaking at Tuesday’s Fit-City Conference, Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan announced that a Ciclovía-style car-free street event is in the works for this summer.

Portland Elects Cyclist Mayor; Obama Draws 8K Supporters on Bikes

On Tuesday, voters in Portland, Oregon elected Sam Adams as their next mayor. A former Congressional staffer and current Portland city commissioner, Adams — who is a cyclist — ran on a platform that emphasized environmental and progressive growth initia

Montreal’s many bicycle co-ops

“I used to think that cycling was a solitary pastime. But lately I’ve come to realize, through taking long bike trips with roommates, watching gaggles of bike racers on TV, or working on my bike at a local bike co-op – that the best cycling experiences

Bike Boxes on (Brooklyn’s) Broadway

Broadway now sports bike lanes, bike boxes, and pedestrian refuges with space for plantings. The changes have significantly narrowed the car travel lanes

Montreal: Six months on, de Maisonneuve bike path is going strong

“It’s changed my life – or maybe at least preserved it… I’m talking about the newish (opened in November) bicycle path that runs along along de Maisonneuve Blvd. from the west end through downtown. After years of death-defying rides to work on Sherbro

285 Rides of Silence scheduled for today

Today marks the Ride of Silence that honors bicyclists who have died or been injured on public roads. It also raises awareness that we bicycle riders have a right to the road.

Portland, Beaverton will join annual Ride of Silence

They’ll join nearly 300 cities worldwide taking part in the event which seeks to raise awareness of bicycles on the road by remembering those who have lost their lives on two wheels.

Sam Adams is Portland’s next mayor

The big news is that bike-friendly Sam Adams has won the race for mayor with a decisive 52-34 victory over Sho Dozono.

Pedal-Powered Ecocabs Reach Streets Of Stockholm

The Ecocab, that jazzy three-wheeled improvement on the older pedicab/rickshaw idea, debuted the first of May in Toronto and has been seen in cities such as Dublin and in Berlin for last year’s World Cup.

Bike Sharing Comes to America

A new bicycle sharing program in Washington DC provides subscribers with convenient, green rides. An annual $40 membership fee entitles SmartBike DC subscribers access to three hour blocks of emissions-free travel.

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