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May 23: Toronto’s Weekly Carnage

About Toronto’s Weekly Carnage:

Toronto’s Weekly Carnage is inspired by NYC’s Streetsblog Weekly Carnage feature. The aim of this series of posts is to bring attention to the death and destruction wrought by automobiles and an auto-centric culture. Pursuing policies promoting walking, cycling and public transit could help reduce the carnage.

Police Chase Ends With Crash

According to the Aurora OPP, the Civic got off the 404 onto 16th Avenue, ran a red light, almost collided with other vehicles before it finally went off the road and smashed into a tree and fence.

Motorcycle Crash Sends One Person To Hospital

The single-vehichle collision occurred in the Toronto-bound lanes of the QEW near Trafalgar Road just after 10pm.

Car Slams Into Bank

If you think crossing Bayview is hard for a car just try it on a bicycle – you need nerves of steel. If they install a pedestrian button as well it could facilitate a long proposed pedestrian connection to the other side of the valley.

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