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BikingToronto Community Contest!

I’ve decided to start a little contest with the BikingToronto Community.

What’s the BikingToronto Community?
It’s a social network type of thing for BikingToronto. Connect, Discuss, Disagree, Network, and stay up-to-date on what is going on in the Toronto Bike-o-sphere.

What kind of contest is it?
It’s a t-shirt contest for the month of May. I’m only one guy (and ad revenue on this site barely covers hosting costs), so let’s start out small for now…

What can you win?
I’m going to have a draw to win a free t-shirt from the BikingToronto Store. It can be any shirt … any size and any colour… and I’ll even personalize it for the winner if they want.

How do you get chances to win?
Ah, that’s the fun (and easy) part!

  • Method 2: Post stuff in the Community. Discuss stuff in the forum, post bikey photos you may have, even start a Group. Every post you post in the Community is good for another entry in the draw. There’s a lot of stuff to do on there, so go nuts. :) This contest runs for the whole month of may, so post away!

Can I win anything else?
Yeah, I’m going to have a couple small bonus prizes (also from the Store) for people who post a whole lot, or those who start discussions / post photos / start groups that get a lot of participation from other members.

Go. Join up. Have fun. Win stuff.