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Rachel McAdams: Another Celebrity Who Loves Biking Toronto

Just before the Oscars, I posted about Ellen Page, who uses a bicycle for her main mode of transportation around her hometown of Halifax.

Now comes an article from USA Weekend (I think it’s part of USA Today) about Rachel McAdams – who is often papparazied (is that a word) on two wheels when in Toronto. The article has a lot of celebrity “fluff”, but I have to admire that Rachel is one of those celebrities who is serious about being green:

What did you do during your sabbatical?
I bought a house in Toronto. I spent time there with my family members and friends. I traveled to Europe. I started doing yoga. Actually, I really got into yoga — Kundalini — and love it. I also started a website with friends [greenissexy.org]…

How do you live green?
I don’t own a car. In Toronto, my bike is my car.

Rachel last summer:

[McAdam photos from PopSugar, Ellen Page photo from the L.A. Times]