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Photos of the Morning Commute

Being BikeFriday, I thought I’d take a circuitous route to work today and stop at a couple popular points for cyclists to take their photos as they commuted to work on two wheels.

Here’s some of them.

First from Broadview and Danforth … this was around 8 AM… it was just starting to get busy with cyclists (the time just after 8:30 is usually busiest) funneling together to go over the Bloor Viaduct.

Then I tried a few angles at College and Spadina, an always busy spot for cyclists, it seems, with the College bikelane (although I found out that cars treat Spadina from Bloor to College like an expressway – going by me way too fast and close) to downtown from the west end. This was about 8:30 AM. I suppose it gets busiest just before 9.

You can see all the photos on flickr.

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