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Elsewhere: Paris plans to expand BikeSharing even more!

Over in Paris, bike use has skyrocketed thanks to Mayor Bertrand Delanoë and JCDecaux’ Velib, the bike renting system that lets people use bikes for 30 minutes for free and return them all over the city (it costs you if you keep the bike more than 30 minutes).

By the end of 2007 (6 months after Velib started), there were about 10,000 Velib bikes on the road, and trips by bicycle in Paris increased from 1% to 10 %.

The end of 2008 will see a total of about 20,000 bikes on the road,

More at the BikeSharing Blog, in their April Fool’s post, which has accurate 2008 numbers, and hugely exagerated 2009 numbers. :)