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Curbside Cycle Inspires "Cashmere Commuting"

Bikeshop Curbside Cycle was recently featured in Inside Toronto for it’s attention to people who want to bike to work and look good doing it:

“The cool thing about the Dutch is that their cyclists don’t ask, they make demands of the market, and the market has to be extremely responsive because there’s a population of 16 million and each person owns on average three bikes,” Kamphof said.

The result of those demands come in the form of a bike that hasn’t changed much since its creation in 1904: The Batavus Old Dutch, one of Curbside’s best sellers.

“All the frames are galvanized, so it can be stored outside, and it’s maintenance free and clothing friendly because the gears and chains and everything are sealed within the hub,” he said. “And if you live downtown, like I do, you want to look good. So the whole cashmere commuter thing suggests that you can wear whatever you want, even while riding a bike…It suggests a more upscale cyclist, one who doesn’t have time to put on tight cycling outfits just to go to work.”

More at Inside Toronto.


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