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A Bike-Friendly Idea for the Jarvis Street Revitalization

Here’s an idea, from New York, that may be perfect for Jarvis (info about the Jarvis revitalization project can be found in this post):

Essentially, it has a two-way area for bikes on one side of the road, separated from car traffic by a treed “buffer”.

Since the city says the sidewalks can’t be widened due to utilities and infrastructure underneath the road – let the area stay as roadway, but a BIKE roadway.

I’m not certain of the measurements, but it’s probably possible to have a two-way bike lane (each standard bikelane is about 1.5 metres wide) and a treed island in the space of just over 1 car lane – leaving 2 each way for cars.

This will make cycling on Jarvis insanely safe, thus promoting the city’s environmental goals, as well as providing good protection for pedestrians.

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