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Subway Station Stairs to get Bike Tracks

TTC subway stations are scheduled to start getting bike tracks (little grooves at the side of stairs that take bike wheels) so that we can roll our bikes up stairs instead of carrying them.

This story first appeared in the Star, but Torontoist does a better job of covering the story:

To better serve its two-wheeled ridership, the TTC plans to install prototype bicycle conduits in two station renovation projects, according to the Star. The tracks will be fitted beneath the stairway handrails, assumedly similar to the grooves on the stairs of Toronto’s bicycle-friendly bridges, which allow the wheels to remain inside a metal channel so that a bike can be guided easily down the stairs via the handlebars rather than carrying it awkwardly.

The plan is currently a pilot project, but is to become standard system-wide if they turn out to be as effective as hoped.