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Getting Google Maps to pay Attention to Bikes

Google Maps is a handy-dandy little tool. It shows you maps of anywhere you want to go – in standard version, satellite images, and terrain maps, and you can find directions between two addresses, even saying “avoid highways” (which is useful to cyclists).

What it doesn’t have is a “Bike-Friendly” Option, but an online petition hopes to change that:

The feature would take into account actual bicycle lanes from the locality being mapped, and it would automatically plan a route for a bicyclist, possibly even providing the cyclist options for either the most direct route, or the most bicycle-friendly (safest) route…

There are many reasons why this feature would be a wonderful edition to Google Maps. Among them, some of the most influential would be to:

  • Make bicycling safer for millions of bicyclists around the world.
  • Empower world citizens to better adapt their lifestyles to face the challenges of global climate change.
  • Help Google realize its core mission of ‘organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful.’

They’ve got almost 29,144 signatures so far. Add your name to them if you want.