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Toronto Cyclists Union and TCAT get grant money from BTAC!

Holy acronyms, batman! The Toronto Cyclists Union and the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation have gotten grants from the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada:

Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation’s – Cycling Policy Conference scheduled for spring ’08 will receive $5,000. This policy conference expected to garner worldwide attention, will feature high profile speakers and detailed presentations of studies, statistics and facts that are supportive of the position that governments which dedicate funds to programs that encourage cycling reap a broad range of societal, transportation and economic benefits..

Toronto Cyclist Union (TCU) will receive $2,500. As the first membership-driven bicycle advocacy organization in the Greater Toronto Area, the TCU has a target of engaging one million cyclist across the region. This is consumer focused group are dedicated to promoting bicycles use, create positive perceptions of cycling and to shift the gears of political culture towards sustainable and bike friendly planning.

Congratulations TCU and TCAT. It’s well deserved.

All recipients on HuffStrategy.com.