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Stuff White People Like: Bicycles

I came across this site after reading something about how it’s politically incorrect (does that even mean anything anymore?), but I gotta say, as a white person, I find the site hilarious and often quite accurate (such as recent posts about Oscar Parties and Threatening to Move to Canada).

There’s a good post about bicycles on it:

For the most part, these rules have been unisex. But there is a special category of bicycles that appeal far more to white women, the European city bike (pictured). White women have a lot of fantasies about idealized lives, and one of them is living in Europe and riding around an old city on one of these bikes. They dream about waking up and riding to a little cafe, then visiting bakeries and cheese shops and finally riding home to prepare a fancy meal for their friends who will all eat under a canopy with white Christmas lights..