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Stuff: Bike Storage, Made Swedish

I’m a pretty regular visitor to a site called ikeahacker, where people share IKEA products that they’ve hacked to be more useful or stylish or more appropriate to their home decor (because what could be more fun that taking a swedish fjaarngaard and turning it into something un-fjaarngaardish?)

I’m happy to share with you a recent hack for storing two bikes in a house or apartment that helps get them out of the way and off the floor using a stolmen post, some brackets and some hooks:

“there are a lot bicycle storage/rack-systems on the market, but none of them met my expectations in function/style and price. i wanted to get 2 bikes on a wall in my apartment.

so i build one on my own. here’s how it looks:

bicycle rackall you need to get from ikea is one stolmen post, two brackets and four hooks. you’ll also need some screws and some aluminium 20x20mm square pipe, maybe some foam rubber.

Full instructions on IkeaHacker.

Pretty stylish and modern for about $50.

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