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Rob Ford: Charity gives Toronto clogged arteries

The Sun is reporting that Rob Ford is again up to his anti-cyclist antics, but this time he’s against charitable fundraising for the Heart & Stroke Foundation too:

The time has come for Toronto council to seek alternatives to closing two major expressways for an annual charity event, says Councillor Rob Ford. …

“It really upsets a lot of people,” Ford said. “I don’t think anybody is against charity. I know I’m not. It does raise a lot of money, but it does inconvenience thousands of people.” …

Ford yesterday questioned why the event couldn’t be moved to Exhibition Place.

“I don’t see why they have to close down major arteries in the city,” he said. Ford said the closures hurt businesses because they discourage people from going downtown.

I’m not worried that Rob Ford will convince any of his fellow Council members (who matter) to agree with him. I think he just likes seeing his name in the news, so he makes outlandish statements.