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Vancouver: Awash in rental bikes.

Here’s an article out of Vancouver about an idea to follow Paris’ lead in trading advertising rights in a city in exchange for the running and maintenance of a low-cost bicycle rental organization:

Earlier this year, Paris launched a massive bike-rental scheme involving more than 20,000 bicycles in hundreds of electronic racks around the city. A hit from the start, the Vélib’ program attracts tens of thousands of riders each day.

Other cities such as Oslo, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Brussels are already in the mix, and Ladner hopes Vancouver will soon join that list.

“I think we’re going to see this everywhere, and I would just love to see it here by 2010,” he told The Tyee. “In fact, there’s no excuse for us not to have it here by 2010.”

More at The Tyee.

  • A.R.

    So why isn’t this happening in Toronto?