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Unicycling Toronto

The Star has an interesting article about unicyclists in Toronto today:

More than two dozen people have defied the lousy weather to show up at the gym. They’re practising stunts, shooting basketballs – unicycle hockey is also popular – and, in the case of newcomers, concentrating on staying upright.

“Until you get the hang of it, it’s the total workout,” says Bedford. “Every muscle in your body comes into play.”

“I used to balance on my unicycle in the hall,” says Ria Carter. “I’d hold on to the walls and watch TV.”

There’s more to a unicycle than a wheel, pedals and a seat. “There are several different types,” says Bedford. “You can buy a commuter unicycle; one for cruising or long-distance riding; speed – up to 30 km/h is possible – mountain … yeah, absolutely, people go mountain-biking on a one-wheeler. They even come with brakes.”

I wonder if unicyclists are a sub-culture of cyclists, or a culture all their own?

I remember trying unicycling way back when, but never had quite the right balancing skills for it.

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