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Two New Electric Bike Stores in Town

Have you seen Electric Bikes in Toronto? They look kind of like scooters, but a bit more bare bones in styling, with big wide pedals sticking out the side:

Whether or not you’ve seen them, or like them, or think they have a right to use bikelanes, you’re about to see a lot more of them. Electric Bike manufacturer and retailer Daymak has just opened up two new stores in Toronto (at Richmond & Jarvis and Bloor & Dundas).

Whether it’s higher gas prices, higher TTC fares, or concern for the environment, this is a sign that we will all be seeing a lot more “E-Bikes” on the road.

Oh, and some of them look like normal bikes too.

  • Anonymous

    There are a number of similar looking power-on-demand electric bicycles on the market. This is because the fairings manufacturers in China, where virtually all of them are made, quickly copy the designs developed by well known ebike manufacturers. The similarity, however, often stops there. Veloteq has been offering power-on-demand electric bicycles in Canada for five years. They were evaluated for safety and compliance by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) from the very beginning, as well as by Canada Customs and the CBSA.
    Veloteq products were developed from the very beginning to satisfy the requirements of users in British Columbia, which encompasses wide variations in terrain, from Vancouver Island to the Okanagan Valley. Veloteq now has 30 dealers across Canada, and the number is increasing rapidly. Why are people willing to pay more for a Veloteq? The answer lies “under the hood” so to speak. Batteries used on Veloteqs are very high quality colloid Voltage Regulated Sealed Lead Acid batteries. We will shortly introduce a new type of power supply which will obsolete all of those currently in use. Specially desiged very high power controllers were developed to deal with the high current demand required on the hill of B.C. Veloteq has also done away with fuses that are prone to “popping” easily and has replaced them with more advanced power system protection devices. Heavy gauge electrical wiring is used throughout to eliminate “melt down” which can occur during periods of high power demand. The traditional hub motor has been replaced by a new type of gear reduction motor, factory modified for North American use, that will enable all Veloteq models to climb virtually any incline intended for motor vehicle traffic. Look for these on the 2008 models. Veloeq paint finishes are high quality automotive enamel, not the inexpensive lacquer finishes used on the less expensive ebikes, which are easily scratched. Look at the sticker price, but after doing so, we advise that interested users also look carefully “under the hood”.
    Veloteq products are now sold throughout the US Gulf Coast and Veloteq is also rapidly expanding throughout California and all the adjecent states. You will be seeing a lot more from Veloteq.

  • Mountaineer Midnight Lover

    Vealoteq makes a lot of claims that are not all true. Just stop a Veloteq rider and they will tell you that their bikes do not travel as far as they claim, that their bikes have major electrical problems like lighting, and their bikes break down for no reason. Daymak has been around since 2001, longer than Veloteq. All bikes come from Chinaa, including Vealoteq’s. The bike in the picture by the way is not by Daymak. It is actually a bike by Blue Avenue, who was the first company to open a store in downtown Toronto on Queen St. You can tell by the geared motor that it is the Mountaineer. Are they ever getting their own store? Why does an ebike comapny like Daymak sell gas engine pocket bikes and atvs in their ebike stores? And oh yeah, another Vealoteq dealer called Silent Rider just opened up. Wathch out, they talk like used car sales people there.

  • JohnGallagher

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  • Anonymous

    Dollars to Donuts that Mountaineer is a retailer of cheap bikes in downtown Toronto. Veloteq Bikes are capable of distances between 40 – 80 km distance on a charge depending on many factors…With thousands of bikes sold it is not our practice to mislead customers. Obviously a heavier person does not get the same distance as a lighter person. Hills and wind are of course also factors. Veloteq prides itself on quality. It is that reason the bike is built with quality and safety in mind first, then we establish the price, unlike companies like yours (that’s right I know who you are) who build for price. You cannot make a quality scooter style e-bike for $900.00 retail without something suffering. There have been no electrical problems and this comment is indicative of a vindictive retailer that points his finger at the guys on top. First of all Shame on You and second of all, learn to play fair, sell a good product or get out of the game.

  • Anonymous

    All Bikes are From China? And your point is?
    I have a catalogue in front of me that is for tubes and tires…They range from $2.00 each to $18.00 each wholesale. If you believe they are all the same kid, then you have a lot to learn in business. There are good motors and cheap motors. There are good batteries and cheap batteries. Cheap motors and batteries are things they put in cheap bikes…Think Small Be Small…I learned along time ago from my Dad, “what is good isn;t cheap and what is cheap isn’t good” Do yourself a favour, do business with the best and you will be the best…

  • Anonymous

    I got a daymak and it should be called dayjunk.
    I got it in sept 2007 and had nothing but problems speedo,speedo cable,kickstand bent,back brake cable broke,the batterys are finished,the front disk bolts com lose jamed the front wheel and I fliped,the wires near the controler fused together and was stuck wide open.Now to get parts I phoned in april to the dealer I bought it from there was no reply I phoned twice after that with no reply then i phoned dayjunk in june talked to the parts guy and he did not have parts for my model but he was waiting for a shippment from china and was going to phone me back i phone him in september and he didn’t remember me.
    I then phoned the manager and he was going to phone me back im still waiting.so if you buy a dayjunk you buy the best you drive a mile then you walk the rest pushing the dayjunk.
    ps keep an eye out on global im going to be on it consumer sos.

  • josh

    I bought one from Wasaga ebike from TEV bikes, and pretty happy with it. check them out: http://www.tevbikes.ca