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The Star wants your comments about bikelane vetos

The Star has a “Speak Out” feature up about this morning’s article about City Council working around local community councils who may oppose bikelane installation.

Go and have your say about “Should community councils be allowed to veto new bike paths authorized by the city?” – they post most comments on their website and a select few in the paper version.

UPDATE: The Star has reader feedback on the website now.

  • BeeRich

    I have to submit my phone number and full name to have an opinion? Then they want the right to publish my full information in the newspaper? And they wonder why they get no answers. Then it looks like we have no opinions. I want the ability to have an opinion without publishing my personal information all over the Internet or a newspaper.

  • joe

    I tend to agree with you… just fill it in with false info. They’ve published my comments before and only included my name.

    They say they’ll contact us if they’re going to publish, but never do.