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Opinions on Streamlining the Bikelane Approval Process

The Star already has reader-submitted opinions up stemming from the article this morning:

Toronto likes to boast that it is a world-class city, but it is absolutely parochial when it comes to its cycling policy. You can go to Tokyo and see full-service parking lots holding thousands of bicycles that are used as primary sources of transportation within the city. You can go to Europe and see thousands of kilometers of bicycle paths that are used as primary transportation routes by millions of bicycles. It’s about time that Toronto learns that bicycles are not simply used for recreation, but are a primary all-season sustainable means of transportation that needs to be treated with more respect that it currently is.
[Joe Cooper, East York]

Check it out – they’ll probably update the page as more readers submit. Even better – add your own opinion about if community councils should be able to veto bikelane installation.