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Executive Committee of Council can properly fund the Bike Plan

The Executive Committee of City Council is meeting today, and the Toronto Coalition of Active Transport (TCAT) is trying to get the issue of funding the BikePlan for a 2012 completion back on the table, after the Budget Committee decided that the Bike Plan was important, but not important enough to finish by when Council wants to have it finished by:

TCAT continues to call on City Council to take immediate action to get the Bike Plan implementation back on track by:

  • Committing a minimum of $6.2 million to the 2008 Transportation Services cycling infrastructure budget
  • Ensuring that the $200,000 Parks, Forestry & Recreation ‘bikeway network expansion’ funding that was cut in 2007 as a cost containment measure be reinstated to that budget
  • Providing a minimum of $4 million in the 2008 Parks, Forestry & Recreation budget for repairing multi-use pathways in Toronto’s Parks, to begin addressing the $20 million back-log
  • Moving forward the Parks Forestry & Recreation funding for bikeway network paths from the 2013 to 2017 into the current 5 year plan
  • Establishing a staff position in Parks, Forestry & Recreation that is dedicated to ensuring the integrity and connectivity of the pathway network

To read TCAT’s letter to the Executive Committee click here.

Please take a few minutes this weekend to write to Mayor Miller, members of the Executive Committee, and your local councillor, and tell them you support TCAT’s budget recommendations for implementing the Toronto Bike Plan by 2012.

Write to:

Executive Committee Members:

Please also copy TCAT (info@torontocat.ca) on any letters or e-mails you write.

More on the TCAT site, as well as on BikeToronto.ca

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