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Excerpts from the Budget Committee Deputations

Over at Eye Weekly, Dale Duncan has summarized some of the deputations from the public and organizations at Tuesday’s Budget Committee Hearings (these are summaries, not verbatim):

Smog from cars kills around 440 people a year according to Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health. The most effective way to get people to keep their cars at home is to give them alternatives. So how about moving forward with our Bike Plan? Since the plan’s approval in 2001, only 20 per cent of the funds needed to complete it have been spent.
(Franz Hartmann, Toronto Environment Alliance)

The CAA doesn’t speak for me. I’d rather drive my SUV — yes I own an SUV — on a bumpy road with a bike lane than a smooth road without one. We need more than just bike lanes, we need promotional programs, ads that say “walk more, pollute less” on the TTC. Health care costs are rising, but we don’t have to go to the gym, we just have to walk. I’m here to urge you to spend more.
(Dr. Judy Adler)

More at Eye Weekly.

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